The quality is good, but the brand is not very good, so Vietnamese fashion products are still struggling to convince consumers about the price. Under the influence of the epidemic, if they continue to promote and reduce prices, Vietnamese brands will enter the fiercely competitive segment with Chinese products flooding the market. Even without waiting for sellers to bring Chinese products to the market, Vietnamese consumers now do not hesitate to order fashion brands directly from Chinese E-commerce.

  1. Small stores are more flexible in many ways
  2. Competing with the standards of the “big man”

For a comprehensive assessment of social media to the online shopping experience, we ordered a wide range of fashion products from our customers, their competitors, and also online stores with similar product segments. copper. Thanks to that, we made many interesting discoveries after the review.

Small stores are more flexible in many ways

After ordering clothes on an e-commerce platform, we received the product in a beautiful, meticulously packaged cardboard box from the store. Inside the box is a thank you letter from the store with information about the product being tailored with the process, materials, and a call to action for us to continue to engage with their online store.

Just a few days later, we ordered again online from the website of a Vietnamese fashion brand. Although the order value is much larger, we only receive the product in a plastic bag with a single purchase receipt.

These are just a few small details in the big picture showing that online fashion stores are making good use of the support tools of the e-commerce platform and being more responsive in some respects.

The owner of a 100% E-commerce business with top sales on Shopee shared with us how this business built its brand on the e-commerce platform. An important factor is the need to create a unique personality for the brand, from the online store to the product introduction to the way employees respond to messages and comments, also need to show the brand personality.

Competing with the standards of the “big man”

Many Vietnamese fashion brands choose to build their own E-commerce sales channels without using the resources of the e-commerce platform. Each sales channel option has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it is important that consumers are used to being served with the online shopping standards set by e-commerce platforms. Consumers are used to being able to track their orders, get fast delivery, get reviews, and return products regardless of the reason…

Vietnamese brands cannot serve customers that are weaker than the online sales service standards that the exchanges have set. But to reach this standard, businesses are forced to redesign the entire operating system from sales, customer care, marketing… There are only 4 words to talk about reaching this goal: Speed up!

It has never been more meaningful to go so fast than now. To accelerate E-commerce, Vietnamese fashion brands need to make the most of external resources for online business activities. SKYPERRY has prepared a set of social media, KOL & content production tools specifically for e-commerce, along with a series of ideas to enhance the online shopping experience of consumers.

We want to help Vietnamese fashion businesses save more time & resources but not get overwhelmed, but rise to control the e-commerce wave.

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