Case Study Nuty Cosmetics: Boosting Sales Via Short Videos

Case Study Nuty Cosmetics: Thúc đẩy doanh số thông qua Short Video Nuty Cosmetics is one of the most popular showroom systems specializing in providing authentic cosmetics products. Nuty brings a series of famous cosmetic brands to customers. Nuty company is also committed to authentic products at the best prices. Recently, Nuty has made an […]
Dec 27 2022

YouTube Shorts – An effective short video creation tool for advertising

YouTube Shorts is regarded as a useful tool for creating short videos. It is also an effective communication platform for marketing. With the rise of digital media platforms, businesses can create content for promoting their brands. Besides, they can execute media for YouTube Shorts to advertise images as well as touch a large number of […]
Dec 26 2022
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    Short video marketing: A light for the advertising industry in an economic decline

    Short video marketing is expected to be an explosive media trend in the coming years. It is also regarded as a great alternative measure in the context of economic inflation and downturn, causing the costs for marketing activities to be cut.  Promoting a brand through short-form videos will help businesses spread their messages quickly, save […]
    Dec 26 2022

    SKYPERRY Short Video: Making a reality of “moment” of Businesses

    SKYPERRY produces a variety of short videos on TikTok with trendy content. This short-video project demonstrates the abilities of editing as well as creating ideas for short videos for businesses. Context At the end of the year 2021, SKYPERRY officially became a Creative Partner of TikTok in Vietnam. From this moment, SKYPERRY has continuously executed […]
    Dec 26 2022

    FATZBABY VIETNAM: Increase brand awareness through a “short video” campaign

    Case study Fatzbaby Vietnam is proud to be one of the most successful brands in brand positioning and increasing awareness through short-video campaigns. The brand Fatzbaby is famous for mom-and-baby products with modern technology and luxury designs.  How was Fatzbaby prior to launching the short-video campaigns? After nearly 10 years of entering the Vietnam market, […]
    Dec 26 2022

    TikTok advertising - How to effectively execute?

    According to Kanter, the creative potential coming from a wide variety of users makes it easier for videos on TikTok to be received even if it contains promotional messages. So while only 14% of TikTok users click on a link after seeing an ad, the number of people buying an item after seeing an ad […]
    Apr 06 2022

    TikTok's marketing partner collaboration: The benefits

    TikTok’s marketing partner collaboration might need to be taken into consideration when brand wants to start a TikTok campaign. The program was launched in 2020 on the momentum of development. The program aims to find specialized agencies in the following areas: Strategic management, creative development, brand development, and performance measurement. Therefore, they could help businesses, […]
    Mar 10 2022

    TikTok advertising objectives and strategies

    TikTok advertising objectives and strategies, with proper utilization, could bring remarkable results. TikTok owns a large number of Gen Z and Millennials users. The Hootsuite Digital 2021 report collected from the iOS and Google Play stores also shows that TikTok is second only to Tinder when it comes to the amount of money spent by […]
    Mar 01 2022

    Premium brands' TikTok advertising: Recipes to success

    Premium brands’ TikTok advertising is no longer a myth. With the explosion in the number of users, brands from high-end to low-end can not stay out of the game. They keep on organizing campaigns on TikTok. In particular, the results are also amazing! Can premium brands use TikTok? In February of this year, high-end brands […]
    Mar 01 2022

    Beauty bloggers' collaboration: Dos And Don’ts

    Beauty bloggers collaboration has gained popularity recently among cosmetic and fashion brands. Almost a decade ago, only Celebrities were Influencers and the most popular collaboration is TV advertisement. In the blink of an eye, with the boom of social media, many types of Influencers were born and one of the most noticeable is Beauty Bloggers.  […]
    Mar 12 2021

    2021 fashion industry trends in Vietnam

    2021 fashion industry trends got a significant change. The COVID – 19 pandemic’s profound impact on world economics is to blame. The pandemic has changed the ways consumers make purchase decisions and their shopping habits. They became more aware and careful when it comes to consuming any given product, which pushes brands into changing and […]
    Mar 02 2021

    2021 influencer marketing trends: beauty brands can’t overlook

    2021 influencer marketing trends were expected to have major shifts, mainly because of the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. The new trends appear with the previous trends of 2020 that shape 2021. The influencer market has been growing rapidly since 2015, as the total size of the market is projected at 15 billion dollars in 2022 (Techjury). […]
    Feb 02 2021

    Vietnamese beauty influencers for Korean cosmetics

    Vietnamese beauty influencers are unarguably the most effective at promoting cosmetics, especially Korean ones. Influencer marketing is not just an emerging trend, for the beauty industry, it’s a fundamental part. Beauty brands were among the first to realize and take advantage of the capability of online influencers. Businesses in this area, markedly Korean beauty companies, […]
    Jan 25 2021

    Why Korean-beauty product is favored in Vietnam?

    Korean-beauty product is long known for taking over the Vietnamese beauty market. With more than 97 million people, half of it is from 15 – 50 years old and average income per person is increasing day by day, it’s easy to understand that Vietnamese’s necessity for “look great” is expanding. Keeping warm and well fed […]
    Dec 15 2020
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