6 Trends dominating the healthcare industry in Vietnam

Despite the COVID pandemic, the nutrition and healthcare industry is one of the rare sectors that has experienced strong growth. In 2023, what are the potential and significant trends that are dominating this industry? Let’s find out with SKYPERRY!  1. The industry prioritizes products that have natural and organic origins  Consumers are increasingly concerned about […]
Apr 28 2023

3 types of content that are ineffective on TikTok 

As TikTok is gradually tightening its regulations and implementing new laws, how can your TikTok channel still ensure effectiveness? SKYPERRY has three tips for you! 1. Limit promotional content with product links  When TikTok Shop appeared, content creators or sellers, including KOCs, were given the opportunity to earn money from their content. Entertainment content gradually […]
Apr 28 2023
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    New TikTok regulations: Will Sellers and KOCs be more strictly regulated? 

    Faced with emerging issues and negative feedback, TikTok is taking a series of actions, including adding new requirements to this playground. Let’s stay updated with SKYPERRY on these changes! TikTok has tightened control over health-related products  TikTok plans to further tighten control over individuals and businesses that promote health care products. In addition to information […]
    Apr 28 2023

    Budget cuts, what marketing activities should small and medium-sized enterprises focus on to increase profits? 

    In the context of a predicted challenging economy with decreased purchasing power, small and medium-sized businesses should optimize their budgets and allocate them towards marketing activities that ensure the maintenance of their brand’s attractiveness and sales effectiveness. 1. Always-on content on social platforms  Until now, content is still the bridge between businesses and customers to […]
    Apr 27 2023

    4 Key insights that make expectant mothers give up skincare during pregnancy

    Investing in skincare and makeup products is an essential part of women’s shopping behavior. However, most women tend to forget about skincare when they embrace the role of motherhood. What are the reasons? With 8 years of experience in implementing diverse communication campaigns for Mom and Baby brands in Vietnam, SKYPERRY – Digital Marketing Agency […]
    Apr 27 2023

    5 Brand trends that can be applied in Influencer Marketing campaigns 

    Positive influencers are prioritizing talking about what issues? As for consumers, what kind of messages do they easily have positive feelings and support from influencers? If your brand is looking to use influencer factors for its next marketing campaigns, let SKYPERRY review 5 prominent messages that KOLs and influencers are prioritizing to convey. 1. Supporting […]
    Apr 27 2023

    8 Factors to consider for maximizing TikTok brand channel effectiveness 

    With explosive growth and an increasing number of users, TikTok has become an essential marketing platform for businesses.   This has seen a range of brands, from mass-market to high-end, quickly establishing their “home” on this platform. However, what should a brand consider to ensure that its TikTok channel is operating effectively and in the right […]
    Apr 27 2023

    4 Future marketing trends for Mom and Baby brands in Vietnam 

    Before the Chat GPT storm, what tools and trends will shape the marketing industry for mother and baby products in Vietnam? With 8 years of experience in marketing for Mom and Baby brands in the Vietnamese market, let SKYPERRY – Digital Marketing Agency explore 4 predicted trends that will dominate marketing activities in the mother […]
    Apr 27 2023

    The De-Influencer trend: A threat to brands or a way for influencers to regain real influence?

    The consumer and advertising industries are witnessing a new wave of content called “#Deinfluencer,” where individuals talk about products they dislike, advise people not to buy them, and suggest smart spending and shopping methods instead of relying on advertising content shared by KOLs and influencers. Conscious consumption is on the rise Paul Greenwood, head of […]
    Apr 27 2023

    A United States bans TikTok - What will happen to Influencer Marketing? 

    If ByteDance does not respond to the government’s ultimatum, the TikTok platform will be completely banned in the US. The director of Coyne PR, acknowledges that brands will have to bear serious consequences while investing heavily in TikTok, especially with Influencer Marketing campaigns that have been and are being implemented on this platform. TikTok – […]
    Apr 27 2023

    Short, multi-channel videos - The marketing trend for small and medium-sized businesses 

    Booming strongly from 2020-2022, short videos are predicted to continue dominating content types in marketing and advertising activities for businesses this year. In addition, implementing short videos across multiple channels with efficiency and cost optimization is also a factor that small and medium-sized businesses should pay attention to.  Your customers are on every platform!  As […]
    Apr 27 2023

    Influencers and their impact on Gen Z's shopping behavior: "Has the wind shifted"? 

    Gen Z’s interest in influencers decreased by 11% in the period between 2020 and 2022, with Celebs being the target of this number at 22% (according to a report from the market research organization GWI). Is this a sign that investing advertising budgets in booking KOLs (key opinion leaders) is becoming less effective as Gen […]
    Apr 27 2023

    Top 3 outstanding insights of the Mom and baby market that brands cannot ignore

    In the face of post-Covid health fluctuations and the emergence of new-generation fathers and mothers, the diaper industry is having many notable changes. So, what has changed in consumer perceptions or shopping behavior that brands need to pay attention to? Let SKYPERRY – a Digital Marketing Agency with 8 years of experience in the mom […]
    Mar 16 2023

    Mom and Baby market: The fierce competition between brands 

    Mom and baby market is one of the most outstanding fields of business catching the attention of investors. However, no matter how potential this field is, it is always fierce competition between businesses for the goal of becoming the top mom-and-baby brand in Vietnam.  The appearance of the new brands in the mom and baby […]
    Feb 25 2023

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