TikTok advertising objectives and strategies

TikTok advertising objectives and strategies, with proper utilization, could bring remarkable results. TikTok owns a large number of Gen Z and Millennials users. The Hootsuite Digital 2021 report collected from the iOS and Google Play stores also shows that TikTok is second only to Tinder when it comes to the amount of money spent by […]
Mar 01 2022

Premium brands' TikTok advertising: Recipes to success

Premium brands’ TikTok advertising is no longer a myth. With the explosion in the number of users, brands from high-end to low-end can not stay out of the game. They keep on organizing campaigns on TikTok. In particular, the results are also amazing! Can premium brands use TikTok? In February of this year, high-end brands […]
Mar 01 2022
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