6 Trends dominating the healthcare industry in Vietnam

1. The industry prioritizes products that have natural and organic origins  2. The trend of using supplements  3. The popularity of health apps and home care devices  4. Mental health is highly valued  5. Personalized nutrition needs  6. Strengthening support services for the elderly  Despite the COVID pandemic, the nutrition and healthcare industry is one […]
Apr 28 2023

3 types of content that are ineffective on TikTok 

As TikTok is gradually tightening its regulations and implementing new laws, how can your TikTok channel still ensure effectiveness? SKYPERRY has three tips for you! 1. Limit promotional content with product links  When TikTok Shop appeared, content creators or sellers, including KOCs, were given the opportunity to earn money from their content. Entertainment content gradually […]
Apr 28 2023
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    Budget cuts, what marketing activities should small and medium-sized enterprises focus on to increase profits? 

    In the context of a predicted challenging economy with decreased purchasing power, small and medium-sized businesses should optimize their budgets and allocate them towards marketing activities that ensure the maintenance of their brand’s attractiveness and sales effectiveness. 1. Always-on content on social platforms  Until now, content is still the bridge between businesses and customers to […]
    Apr 27 2023

    4 Key insights that make expectant mothers give up skincare during pregnancy

    Top priority is to protect the baby’s safety and health Difficulties with pregnant skin The market lacks many products specifically for pregnant women Barrier of tradition and sacrifice of women Conclusion Investing in skincare and makeup products is an essential part of women’s shopping behavior. However, most women tend to forget about skincare when they […]
    Apr 27 2023

    8 Factors to consider for maximizing TikTok brand channel effectiveness 

    With explosive growth and an increasing number of users, TikTok has become an essential marketing platform for businesses.   This has seen a range of brands, from mass-market to high-end, quickly establishing their “home” on this platform. However, what should a brand consider to ensure that its TikTok channel is operating effectively and in the right […]
    Apr 27 2023

    4 Future marketing trends for Mom and Baby brands in Vietnam 

    Before the Chat GPT storm, what tools and trends will shape the marketing industry for mother and baby products in Vietnam? With 8 years of experience in marketing for Mom and Baby brands in the Vietnamese market, let SKYPERRY – Digital Marketing Agency explore 4 predicted trends that will dominate marketing activities in the mother […]
    Apr 27 2023

    A United States bans TikTok - What will happen to Influencer Marketing? 

    If ByteDance does not respond to the government’s ultimatum, the TikTok platform will be completely banned in the US. The director of Coyne PR, acknowledges that brands will have to bear serious consequences while investing heavily in TikTok, especially with Influencer Marketing campaigns that have been and are being implemented on this platform. TikTok – […]
    Apr 27 2023

    Short, multi-channel videos - The marketing trend for small and medium-sized businesses 

    Booming strongly from 2020-2022, short videos are predicted to continue dominating content types in marketing and advertising activities for businesses this year. In addition, implementing short videos across multiple channels with efficiency and cost optimization is also a factor that small and medium-sized businesses should pay attention to.  Your customers are on every platform!  As […]
    Apr 27 2023

    Types of marketing videos to use in online marketing 2020

    The general definition of video marketing is the promotion of products and services in the form of videos. In fact, video is just one of the types of content used in a brand’s marketing strategy. However, this is currently the most effective form of content creation on online platforms . According to statistics, up to 800 million people […]
    Jul 15 2022

    Should you choose Content Marketing or Advertising?

    If you are looking for the best strategy for your brand between content marketing and advertising. Follow the article below to get yourself the most suitable choice. Content marketing and Advertising Content marketing : Includes blogs, videos, podcasts, emails, ebooks, and articles on social networking sites.  Advertising will focus on web banners, advertising on TV or on apps, most […]
    Jun 17 2022

    Difference between short video - long video in digital marketing

    Short or long video content that influences consumers is a challenge for marketers. A good video project needs to be attractive enough and aimed at the right target audience. There are many factors that determine the success of videos, one of which is their length. According to Vidyard’s research in 2019: So the shorter the video, the better the effect? Let’s […]
    Jun 15 2022


    The end of the year is approaching is also the time when consumers start shopping more. It is also the time when brands promote marketing campaigns to increase sales and build brand image. Here are some tips on how to market the holiday season: Just after Halloween we’ve seen the shops start to decorate for Christmas. So, at […]
    May 13 2022

    Essential skills of a digital marketer today

    Marketing is no longer a field that only requires creativity, or just understanding the audience. It is requiring marketers to combine the resonance of endless creative passion and knowledge, logical thinking, and mastery of algorithms of digital platforms. The best digital marketers “team” a lot of titles on their heads, both official and unofficial. In this article, we […]
    Apr 07 2022

    Development trends of the fashion industry and marketing strategies for 2021

    2020 is a year with many strong changes to the world economic overview due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. This event has changed consumer behavior in choosing products and purchasing methods, and they have also become more strict with campaigns that force brands to change their marketing strategies. Here are some fashion trends that brands can apply […]
    Mar 24 2022

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