Case Study Nuty Cosmetics: Boosting Sales Via Short Videos

Case Study Nuty Cosmetics: Thúc đẩy doanh số thông qua Short Video Nuty Cosmetics is one of the most popular showroom systems specializing in providing authentic cosmetics products. Nuty brings a series of famous cosmetic brands to customers. Nuty company is also committed to authentic products at the best prices. Recently, Nuty has made an […]
Dec 27 2022

YouTube Shorts – An effective short video creation tool for advertising

YouTube Shorts is regarded as a useful tool for creating short videos. It is also an effective communication platform for marketing. With the rise of digital media platforms, businesses can create content for promoting their brands. Besides, they can execute media for YouTube Shorts to advertise images as well as touch a large number of […]
Dec 26 2022
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    Short video marketing: A light for the advertising industry in an economic decline

    Short video marketing is expected to be an explosive media trend in the coming years. It is also regarded as a great alternative measure in the context of economic inflation and downturn, causing the costs for marketing activities to be cut.  Promoting a brand through short-form videos will help businesses spread their messages quickly, save […]
    Dec 26 2022

    SKYPERRY Short Video: Making a reality of “moment” of Businesses

    SKYPERRY produces a variety of short videos on TikTok with trendy content. This short-video project demonstrates the abilities of editing as well as creating ideas for short videos for businesses. Context At the end of the year 2021, SKYPERRY officially became a Creative Partner of TikTok in Vietnam. From this moment, SKYPERRY has continuously executed […]
    Dec 26 2022

    FATZBABY VIETNAM: Increase brand awareness through a “short video” campaign

    Case study Fatzbaby Vietnam is proud to be one of the most successful brands in brand positioning and increasing awareness through short-video campaigns. The brand Fatzbaby is famous for mom-and-baby products with modern technology and luxury designs.  How was Fatzbaby prior to launching the short-video campaigns? After nearly 10 years of entering the Vietnam market, […]
    Dec 26 2022
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