The De-Influencer trend: A threat to brands or a way for influencers to regain real influence?

Conscious consumption is on the rise Is it a concern or an opportunity for brands using Influencer Marketing?  Conclusion  The consumer and advertising industries are witnessing a new wave of content called “#Deinfluencer,” where individuals talk about products they dislike, advise people not to buy them, and suggest smart spending and shopping methods instead of […]
Apr 27 2023

A United States bans TikTok - What will happen to Influencer Marketing? 

If ByteDance does not respond to the government’s ultimatum, the TikTok platform will be completely banned in the US. The director of Coyne PR, acknowledges that brands will have to bear serious consequences while investing heavily in TikTok, especially with Influencer Marketing campaigns that have been and are being implemented on this platform. TikTok – […]
Apr 27 2023
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    Influencers and their impact on Gen Z's shopping behavior: "Has the wind shifted"? 

    Gen Z’s interest in influencers decreased by 11% in the period between 2020 and 2022, with Celebs being the target of this number at 22% (according to a report from the market research organization GWI). Is this a sign that investing advertising budgets in booking KOLs (key opinion leaders) is becoming less effective as Gen […]
    Apr 27 2023

    SKYPERRY Short Video: Making a reality of “moment” of Businesses

    SKYPERRY produces a variety of short videos on TikTok with trendy content. This short-video project demonstrates the abilities of editing as well as creating ideas for short videos for businesses. Context At the end of the year 2021, SKYPERRY officially became a Creative Partner of TikTok in Vietnam. From this moment, SKYPERRY has continuously executed […]
    Dec 26 2022

    Influencer Marketing - an effective marketing solution for mom and baby businesses

    So far, Influencer marketing is still the optimal marketing solution for mother and baby businesses, before ChatGPT becomes a human consulting tool. However, the way to deploy Influencer Marketing today needs to be different from the past to keep up with the trend of the times.  Strategies to use Influencer Marketing need to be creative […]
    Dec 20 2022


    We have seen the huge appeal of child-related content from videos posted on social networks revolving around stories of child care, food and travel. Since then, the public began to pay a certain amount of attention and assign them the title of KOL. The coverage of these young KOLs everywhere has brought many positive things but also […]
    Aug 13 2021

    Beauty bloggers' collaboration: Dos And Don’ts

    Beauty bloggers collaboration has gained popularity recently among cosmetic and fashion brands. Almost a decade ago, only Celebrities were Influencers and the most popular collaboration is TV advertisement. In the blink of an eye, with the boom of social media, many types of Influencers were born and one of the most noticeable is Beauty Bloggers. […]
    Mar 12 2021

    2021 fashion industry trends in Vietnam

    2021 fashion industry trends got a significant change. The COVID–19 pandemic’s profound impact on world economics is to blame. The pandemic has changed the ways consumers make purchase decisions and their shopping habits. They became more aware and careful when it comes to consuming any given product, which pushes brands into changing and adapting to […]
    Mar 02 2021

    2021 influencer marketing trends: beauty brands can’t overlook

    2021 influencer marketing trends were expected to have major shifts, mainly because of the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. The new trends appear with the previous trends of 2020 that shape 2021. The influencer market has been growing rapidly since 2015, as the total size of the market is projected at 15 billion dollars in 2022 (Techjury). According to […]
    Feb 02 2021

    Vietnamese beauty influencers for Korean cosmetics

    Vietnamese beauty influencers are unarguably the most effective at promoting cosmetics, especially Korean ones. Influencer marketing is not just an emerging trend, for the beauty industry, it’s a fundamental part. Beauty brands were among the first to realize and take advantage of the capability of online influencers. Businesses in this area, markedly Korean beauty companies, […]
    Jan 25 2021


    Following up with the previous trends, 2020 influencer marketing trends have gradually shifted over the last few years. Sure it has suffered a few hiccups, thanks to fake followers, a lack of transparency in some influencer posts, and a few clueless “influencers” without influence, but its effectiveness must surely now be beyond dispute. However, any marketplace […]
    Dec 05 2019

    2018 influencer marketing trends: The rise of social influencers

    Preceding the 2017 trends, 2018 influencer marketing trends have witnessed a major shift in the first 3 months. Here are the 4 forecasting trends that SKYPERRY thinks brands should keep an eye on. MAKING MONEY FROM SOCIAL NETWORK After work at a bank, a good-looking credit officer named Tien gets dressed up to go to an […]
    Mar 20 2018

    Beauty bloggers in Vietnam: The top 6

    Starting their beauty blogging work from the very beginning of the social content trend, until now these beauty bloggers have become top influencers in beauty in Vietnam. Changmakeup As the most popular beauty blogger, Trang Ngo of Changmakeup channel is being named Michelle Phan of Vietnam. Her name has been regularly mentioned in every beauty topic. Starting […]
    Dec 01 2017

    Micro-influencer – Solution for budget campaigns

    Who is a micro-influencer? Micro-influencers are individuals who work or specialize in a particular field and usually share impressive social media content about their major interests. Micro-influencers have fewer followers than celebrities. However, their content seems to be more reliable because of their experience. For example, micro-influencers could be experienced housewives, programmers, and “hot” teenagers […]
    Oct 17 2017

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