As the new year approaches, it is quite crucial to stay ahead of the curve relating to child-care products that parents are looking for. 

Asian Gen Z parents are expected to have high values on elements that affect their purchasing decisions. Those elements are quality, safety, and affordability. Hence, it is important to catch up the top trends in 2023. Let SKYPERRY help you optimize your strategy. 

  1. Top trends in 2023 that affect the purchasing desision on child-care products of Asian gen Z parents 
Shopping trends for Asian GenZ parents

Shopping trends of Asian GenZ parents

Top trends in 2023 that affect the purchasing decision on child-care products of Asian gen Z parents 

Here are the elements that are speculated to be buying trends in 2023: 

Products must have eco-friendliness 

With growing concern for the environment, parents are seeking out eco-friendly products for their children’s care. If you look for products made from sustainable materials and those with low carbon footprints to be in high demand.  

Skyperry’s team of experts can help you incorporate eco-friendly materials and practices into your product offerings to meet the growing demand for environmentally conscious products. 

Technology-Infused products 

Generation Z is the first digital native generation, and as such, they expect technology to be integrated into their children’s products.  

It seems that technology-infused products will be a big trend in 2023. There are some products like that such as smart toys that improve learning, wearables that watch over health and safety, and more. 

The team of experts of SKYPERRY can help you incorporate technology into your product offerings to meet the demands of today’s tech-savvy parents. 

Affordable-quality products 

Quality is also an important condition that affects the buying decision of Gen Z. However, they also want the products to be safe and durable and they have to be at an affordable price. So, gen Z parents usually search for products with high quality and at affordable prices. 

Products must meet convenience 

Parents tend to use products that are easy and have minimal maintenance due to busy lifestyles. Therefore, products for childcare must have convenient features such as machine-washable fabrics, easy interfaces, etc. 

Childcare products with good designs 

Gen Z parents usually want to express themselves. Therefore, they will also want to choose products with good designs for their children. The products can be toys with customized designs or personalized clothing and accessories. 

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