With the growth of big brands, mom and baby market in 2023 in Vietnam is more attractive to meet all demands of consumers. There are many speculations on the mom-and-baby market in 2023. This business field will become more attractive with lots of investment opportunities for investors. Let’s find out these opportunities as well as mom and baby products that will become outstanding in 2023.

  1. A ‘billion-dollar” opportunity for the mom and baby market 2023 in Vietnam
  2. Mom and baby products that are worth the investment in 2023

A “billion-dollar” opportunity for the mom and baby market 2023 in Vietnam

Besides, according to the statistics of Euromonitor, the revenue of the mother and baby industry in Vietnam reached approximately 50.100 billion in 2021. This is such a large number compared to other industries. 

The mom-and-baby market in Vietnam will be more attractive if this revenue number grows further in the years 2023-2025. 

Mom & baby marketing is getting more exciting

The bustle of mom and baby market in Vietnam and other neighboring countries in recent years. (Source: Trendsvietnam) 

In spite of the post-pandemic situation, the mom-and-baby market is still on the rise in a stable way. With this growth, the revenue can reach up to 7 billion dollars in the forthcoming years. 

Mom and baby products that are worth the investment in 2023 

Currently, the age of children between 0 and 12 accounts for a lot, approximately 20.8 million children – according to the figures from Mr. Thomas. J Ngo, General Director of Nkink.

Mom and baby product attract investors meeting the family childcare needs

Mom and baby product attract investors meeting the family childcare needs

Besides, the demand for gen Z parents is quite high, bringing mother and baby industry more opportunities to grow. 

Here are some essential products for children that are worth investing in the Vietnam market in 2023: 

Nutritional milk and food 

The health of children is the primary concern of parents. They want their children to grow in height, intelligence, as well as good resistance. Hence, nutritious milk brands for Vietnamese children are getting more diverse. 

The investors may be willing to provide high-quality milk and nutritious foods for childrens. These products are powdered milk, liquid milk, snacks, etc. All of them help to supplement good nutrition for children, which meets the needs of parents. 

Recently, the Vietnam dairy market has also received the appearance of the top Korean brand of nutritious milk for children – NUCARE MyKids

Healthcare products for children 

Besides the comprehensive growth of children, parents are also interested in medical products for children. These products have to meet safety standards and they must have high quality, which makes parents feel secure to take care of their children’s health, especially when they are sick. 

Due to this interest, the medical product industry for children is kind of potential for investors. Some popular products are infrared thermometers, medical kits, etc. 

Products that help mothers take care of children 

The demand for baby care products has been also high. Mothers can make use of products with modern technology to help care for their children. This also helps them save time in the context of a busy life today. 

To meet the demand of mothers, lots of products are created to help them take care of their children. Some outstanding products are strollers, beds, bottle warmer, breast pumps, sterilizers, baby care equipment, etc. 

To sum up, the market for mom-and-baby products in 2023 will have a more exciting transformation. Lots of mom-and-baby brands will grow their competitiveness to meet the needs of modern parents. 

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