According to Kanter, the creative potential coming from a wide variety of users makes it easier for videos on TikTok to be received even if it contains promotional messages. So while only 14% of TikTok users click on a link after seeing an ad, the number of people buying an item after seeing an ad on TikTok is 1.5 times higher than on other platforms.

Collaborating with customers to create content

According to Ken Hughes, a researcher of TikTok’s user behaviors, the recognition of customers as partners of the brand will be a lever for the success of communication activities. Some of the most effective support tools for brands when they want to turn users into brand ambassadors include the Duet function – video recording with celebrities or Branded Hashtag Challenge – Challenge with brands via hashtags. If Duet allows audiences to be a part of the KOL’s work, hashtag challenges are trends users want to try out.

With the goal of reaching as many users as possible in Eastern Europe and Asia, Pepsi used TikTok’s Duet feature. Pepsi’s challenge was to encourage people to play with their favorite soccer star – creating videos side by side with their idols, while showing off their best moves to match with the superstar’s action on the other half of the screen. From passing to balancing Pepsi cans, user-generated content showcased its creative potential and its ability to proactively spread brand awareness. Pepsi’s #PepsiChallenge campaign is the best example of TikTok – helping to create immersive experiences for millions of users and at the same time, create remarkable visibility for the brand and their target audience.

Making use of the tools that TikTok provides for its partners

TikTok has been providing creative tools for different target groups. For high-end brands, the two main forms of content creating are still making engaging content or collaborating with a lot of influencers on TikTok.

But for the SME group, the experience to achieve maximum visibility on this one billion-user platform is to fully make use of TikTok’s free tools, or, as a simpler solution, work together with their partner.

Shopback – an application for online shopping has implemented a very successful advertising campaign in cooperation with SKYPERRY – TikTok’s official partner in Vietnam. Thanks to a professional content production team, along with its advantage as a TikTok partner, SKYPERRY has delivered in-depth insight analysis of the target customer: the Gen Z group – people who have the most access to popular online shopping apps. However, this is also the middle-income generation. They love the convenience of Shopee, Lazada, Tiki but with limited financial resources, it is difficult to meet their shopping needs. Shopback can partially solve the problem that this group of potential customers is facing.

Purchase and Cashback Challenge Video

The Shopback campaign went through different phases. First, they increased brand awareness with KOL and Brand Hashtag Challenges. Following were the unboxing videos to boost viewer interactivity. They also implemented Brand Effect and In-feed Ad to help the brand receive more exposure.

In this campaign, SKYPERRY didn’t stop at one tool, but combined many different features of TikTok to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. This is also one of the benefits when brands work with agencies because they can receive user insight analysis to come up with appropriate content.

During the online conference held on September 30, TikTok also put an emphasis on their program to support small and medium businesses to improve campaign effectiveness with TikTok’s advertising products such as Spark Ads, Hashtag Challenge, Brand Effect, In-feed Ad… to drive performance in the lower part of the marketing funnel like conversions, installs or purchases. Moreover, there are also livestreaming, TikTok shopping. TikTok Shopping is a set of advertising solutions, features, and tools that give businesses the opportunity to capture the full power of TikTok’s influence on purchasing decisions.

Turning TikTok into a internal communication channel for businesses

Internal communication has long been a content pillar that helps promote corporate image effectively. Thus, TikTok videos can also be a great place to showcase behind-the-scenes of businesses, as well as a way to increase brand identity and authenticity.

A few examples for internal communication content:

  • The company’s human resources department can make training courses more interesting and interactive by going live on TikTok.
  • With a young dynamic demographic, TikTok can be a great choice to reach potential employees who are students in colleges and universities. There have been many topics from the brand that show how suitable they are for TikTok user groups such as – sports, idols, entertainment,…
  • SMEs in catering services should make content on their processes or knowledge of ingredients to increase the level of trust from consumers.

The increasing requirements for authenticity and creativity on TikTok make many small and medium businesses struggle with their content plans. To achieve the long-term effect of building brand love or awareness, brands need to explore new topics instead of relying on trending or available content. One of the best ways for businesses to join a highly creative platform is to work with a TikTok partner agency. In addition to having a team of highly specialized staff in content creation, these partners also ensure that the brand’s content is displayed to the maximum number of users on the platform, as well as update new features from TikTok.