Should you choose Content Marketing or Advertising?

If you are looking for the best strategy for your brand between content marketing and advertising. Follow the article below to get yourself the most suitable choice. Content marketing and Advertising Content marketing : Includes blogs, videos, podcasts, emails, ebooks, and articles on social networking sites.  Advertising will focus on web banners, advertising on TV or on apps, most […]
Jun 17 2022

How to make customers review your products

Now every consumer owns a phone with a quality camera and a wide range of apps to create images. It’s just a matter of whether they will review your product on one of their social media channels. Brands should not simply call, reward and wait for a review, but they must also create and transform […]
Jun 16 2022
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    Difference between short video - long video in digital marketing

    Short or long video content that influences consumers is a challenge for marketers. A good video project needs to be attractive enough and aimed at the right target audience. There are many factors that determine the success of videos, one of which is their length. According to Vidyard’s research in 2019: So the shorter the video, the better the effect? Let’s […]
    Jun 15 2022

    5 marketing trends at the end of 2021

    Marketing cuối năm là giải pháp tối ưu nâng cao doanh thu cho doanh nghiệp. Xu hướng marketing nào doanh nghiệp cần nắm bắt nhân dịp cuối năm? Hãy tham khảo 5 xu hướng sau đây để có một chiến dịch marketing đột phá. 1. TikTok marketing trends increase reachability Currently, TikTok is a very […]
    May 17 2022


    The end of the year is approaching is also the time when consumers start shopping more. It is also the time when brands promote marketing campaigns to increase sales and build brand image. Here are some tips on how to market the holiday season: Just after Halloween we’ve seen the shops start to decorate for Christmas. So, at […]
    May 13 2022

    Vietnamese fashion brands reel in the E-commerce wave (Part 1)

    The quality is good, but the brand is not very good, so Vietnamese fashion products are still struggling to convince consumers about the price. Under the influence of the epidemic, if they continue to promote and reduce prices, Vietnamese brands will enter the fiercely competitive segment with Chinese products flooding the market. Even without waiting […]
    May 01 2022

    Essential skills of a digital marketer today

    Marketing is no longer a field that only requires creativity, or just understanding the audience. It is requiring marketers to combine the resonance of endless creative passion and knowledge, logical thinking, and mastery of algorithms of digital platforms. The best digital marketers “team” a lot of titles on their heads, both official and unofficial. In this article, we […]
    Apr 07 2022

    TikTok advertising - How to effectively execute?

    According to Kanter, the creative potential coming from a wide variety of users makes it easier for videos on TikTok to be received even if it contains promotional messages. So while only 14% of TikTok users click on a link after seeing an ad, the number of people buying an item after seeing an ad […]
    Apr 06 2022

    Development trends of the fashion industry and marketing strategies for 2021

    2020 is a year with many strong changes to the world economic overview due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. This event has changed consumer behavior in choosing products and purchasing methods, and they have also become more strict with campaigns that force brands to change their marketing strategies. Here are some fashion trends that brands can apply […]
    Mar 24 2022

    Social media usage behavior of millennial moms

    Millennial  moms  make up a quarter of the world’s population. This is one of the most influential demographic groups in the home industry. 1. Millennial Moms – Who are they? Generation 9x is approaching the age of motherhood. These are mothers born in a prosperous society, early access to technology and have a higher need to receive the development of […]
    Mar 17 2022

    TikTok's marketing partner collaboration: The benefits

    TikTok’s marketing partner collaboration might need to be taken into consideration when brand wants to start a TikTok campaign. The program was launched in 2020 on the momentum of development. The program aims to find specialized agencies in the following areas: Strategic management, creative development, brand development, and performance measurement. Therefore, they could help businesses, […]
    Mar 10 2022


    Content production and Content marketing, although these are two different activities, you definitely cannot choose either. Businesses are always looking for ways to balance and help brands get closer to consumers. Definition Content marketing is the distribution of information through the media, the purpose to attract and increase the accessibility of products to customers. Content production is the […]
    Mar 08 2022

    TikTok advertising objectives and strategies

    TikTok advertising objectives and strategies, with proper utilization, could bring remarkable results. TikTok owns a large number of Gen Z and Millennials users. The Hootsuite Digital 2021 report collected from the iOS and Google Play stores also shows that TikTok is second only to Tinder when it comes to the amount of money spent by […]
    Mar 01 2022

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