Nuty Cosmetics is one of the most popular showroom systems specializing in providing authentic cosmetics products. Nuty brings a series of famous cosmetic brands to customers. Nuty company is also committed to authentic products at the best prices. 

Recently, Nuty has made an attempt to increase its awareness on the TikTok Shop with the main objective of boosting sales via short videos. 

The background of Nuty Cosmetics prior to the launch of TikTok Shop corner

The market of the cosmetic business is getting more fierce on E-commerce platforms and social media channels. Due to this, Nuty Cosmetics has had a difficulty in making a high level of awareness and recognition even though the brand itself already owned a TikTok channel. 

In addition to this, TikTok Shop has just made an entry into the Vietnam market. This also makes fierce competition with other E-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, etc.

Landing page mua sắm trên TikTok shop
Landing page mua sắm online trê TikTok Shop
Mua sắm online trên thông qua short video trên TikTok Shop

The objective of the short video campaign for Nuty Cosmetics


Increase brand awareness and draw the attention of more users to visit Nuty Cosmetics’ TikTok Shop. Thereby, this will help to drive conversion rates. 

Mục tiêu chiến lược được SKYPERRY thực hiện


Nuty Cosmetics has not developed video content that was exclusively for TikTok Shop. The shop does not have a search feature either, making users find it hard to spend time searching for their favorite products. 

Thách thức để hoàn thành dự án Skyperry

Agency’s solution

SKYPERRY – a Digital Marketing Agency that gives out solutions to help Nuty Cosmetics draw the attention of more visitors to the TikTok Shop as well as increase awareness on the media channel. 

  • Improve the quality of content on Nuty’s TikTok channel with hilarious situations. At the same time, the video will have products included. 
  • Build a Landing Page to drive users directly to Nuty’s products sales page on TikTok Shop. By doing so, users don’t need to go through the search step. 
  • Bring a variety of exclusive offers to users on the TikTok Shop of Nuty. 

Results and achievements after a week

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