In the wave of investment in Vietnam, numerous brands, especially entire new brands, are interested in doing influencer marketing campaign in Vietnam. Recently, Beauty Hanbook of Korea has had an interview with Skyperry about Influencer Marketing Trends in Vietnam which will help brands to have clearer understanding before starting an influencer marketing campaign in this promissed market.

* What trends do you see emerging in the evolution of the influencer marketing in Southeast Asia?

2 trends recently emerging among influencers marketing in Vietnam:

Firstly, influencers are increasingly powerful. They have an outstanding number of followers through numerous digital platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat. At the moment, from social media, influencers are invading traditional media such as movies, TV shows or newspapers. An Nguy – a Vietnamese Youtube blogger with 392k subscribers – played main actress in her first movie film published in April 2017. Others have been self-organizing their events sponsored by brands with hundreds of fans attending.

Secondly, greatly growing investment on social content and publishing ecosystem. Many influencers have realized the opportunities of making more profits of influencer marketing. To reach out more fans and attract bigger advertising budgets, they will certainly improve their social content’s quality and expand to new digital platforms as well. The number one hot mom on Facebook in Vietnam named Gào has launched her brand-new show on Youtube since May 2017. Gao like other Influencers, have been constanly managing their content form to suit audience’s needs and to reach out to as many people in their region as possible.

It is certain that those trends will benefits brands with their influencer marketing strategies. On the other hands, brands should have plans for long-term partnership with their key opinion leaders.

* Why do you think that influencer marketing such as unboxing / make-up video is popular for people?

Instead of searching for things, millennial users are collecting information about latest trends or hottest products via recommendations from their friends, family and people who have strong influence on social media. This is absolutely influencer’s stage with relevant, entertaining and short-form content. Unboxing or make-up videos are exactly that types of content because of their relevance, intimate and personal connection to followers

Moreover, social media algorithms tend to allow influencers’ content get broader reach than brand’s content. With similar content, boosting Facebook Ads on influencer’s fan pages is much cheaper than brand’s fan pages. For brands and agencies, It is worth considering, isn’t it?

* Are there difference of influencers between your country and others?

In Vietnam, people love celebrities. It is not surprised that so many social media posts of influencers have had 100k likes on Facebook. Despite of their growing costs, these mass influencers always play an essential role in influencer marketing.

Besides, micro-influencers (those with 1000k-50k followers) are rising in Vietnam. These influencers stand for guerrilla marketing strategy, are able to approach to a small but significant community. For some influencers’ marketing campaigns in Vietnam which Skyperry has taken part in, the number of micro-influencers attending campaign could go up to hundreds.

* What kind of brands use influencer marketing frequently?

Most frequent brands are of cosmetic, FMCG and personal care, especially entire new brands. Our Korean clients mainly running business in apps or cosmetic industry.

* What kinds of categories are influencers specialized in Southeast Asia?

The largest numbers of influencers are beauty bloggers, hot moms, fashionistas and young community influencers. Due to the most frequent brands using influencer marketing are beauy, fashion, FMCG and home & living brands.

* Do you have any references that worked with Korean clients? How was it?

For Tinder Influencer Marketing campaign, We had a Youtuber named Huyme Production (515k subcribers) who made the video How I Met My Tinder for Tinder app. The video has gained 81k views, 2,5k likes and 168 comments within 2 months.

An other outstanding case study is with Laneige: Chloe Nguyen – a beauty blogger (88k follower) made a live stream video on Laneige Facebook fan page to introduce new branch of Laneige in late of 2016. The live stream has gained 20k views, 400 likes, 34 shares and 46 comments for 10 minutes of live streaming.

* How is influencer commerce or media commerce in Southeast Asia going? How is the consumers’ reaction?

Obviously, it is going to be more brands with bigger budget spent on influencers marketing. However, keeping content intimate and personal is still the key success for any influencer commerce plan.

* Do you have any advice about influencer marketing to K-beauty brands which are looking for agency in Southeast Asia?

It is crucial to find an experience agency having years of experience of running influencers’ marketing campaigns. These agencies could prove their capacity through effectiveness case studies.

The agencies that have combination of influencer management experience and large influencers data with technical tool for identification could ensure your campaigns are executed flawlessly across strategy, execution and measurement.

Besides, there is possibly missed communication between agency and foreign clients. Therefore, Korean clients should delivery their campaign brief or their expectation comprehensively at first.

* What do you think of the side effects of influencers marketing?

It is the most crucial for influencer to maintain the trusted relationship among their followers. The stronger belief of followers, the heavier responsibility influencers are carrying on. Hence, the growing numbers of followers goes with carefully giving decision when cooperating with new brand.

* In the future, what direction is influencer marketing heading? And, what will look like?

Influencers will create their own brands through their publishing ecosystems. To reach that purpose, they need supportation from talent agencies. Therefore, the cooperation between influencers and talent agencies will be more popular.

Until then, maintaining close relationships with key influencers in industries should be the top priority for brands.

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