Starting their beauty blogging work from the very begining of social content trend, until now these beauty bloggers have become top influencers in beauty in Vietnam.


As the most popular beauty blogger, Trang Ngo of Changmakeup channel is being named as Michelle Phan of Vietnam. Her name has been regularly mentioned in every beauty topic.

Starting as a dancer, she decided to create beauty blog after her first swatch lipstick videos got popular on youtube swatch videos. Since then, her lipstick swatch videos have been  greatly welcomed by make up lovers making this 23-year-olds-girl quickly become a rising star. Continuously, more videos about different beauty topics have been released. These videos comes with increasing followers day by day. She is the Vietnamese beauty blogger having the most follower on social media with 730.000 subscribers on youtube and 984.000 followers facebook.

In 2017, Changmakeup has mounted higher on ladder of success by launching her first lipstick named OFÉLIA.

Love At 1st Shine

Founder of Love At 1st Shine channel are two young girls named Hoang Ngoc Diep and Vu Kieu Loan. They are office workers as well as owners of cosmetic shop in Ha Noi.

The two are loved not only for their vastly superior knowledge from drugstore to highend brands but also their frankly and friendly style. Despite that their videos are recently not being published as frequent as they used to be for the reason that the two got married and busy with their first babies, their youtube channel still places a sustainable role among fan’s hearts.


The.make.a.holics was founded by Linh Truong. Since returned to VN after studying abroad, Linh became the favorite choice of many cosmatic brands.

Most of her video are about make up guidelines which is widely known for highend lipstick review. Her videos have been very well produced with studio, flash and other materials which helps products have professional appearance.

The.make.a.holics is recently not only popular on Youtube but also on Facebook and Instagram.

Pretty Much Channel

Pretty Much Channel was founded in 2013 by Phuong Ly. Thank to her objective and detailed reviews, the channel still remains its attraction year by year.

She has put giant effort into searching and reviewing all cosmetics from drugstore to highend brand, from Asia to America and Europe. In recent times, Pretty Much Channel seems more focus on Korean product in her newest videos. Pretty Much Channel is the beauty channel to watch for those facing to acnes and face oils.

Not just limit herself in cosmetic, Phuong Ly has made the channel more diversified by adding content about traveling and life style in her Youtube channel.

Chloe Nguyen

Chloe Nguyen-the fastest rising star in beauty industry is only 19 years old. Chloe has appeared in many commcercial of brand only about cosmetic but other industries.

Rising as a new generation of beauty blogger, Chloe Nguyen have professional video production team to help her videos highly qualified and impressive. Moreover, her life style, fashion and travel tours are drawing much attention among fans. Her youtube channel has gained 200.000 subscribers for only 2 years.

Trinh Pham

Trinh Pham is also a rising beauty blogger. She has made videos about numerous topics including make up, skincare, fashion, traveling and studying. Her humoruos style is the reason why the channel has won more and more fan’s heart. Until now, she owns a youtube channel of 310.000 subscriber with 100.000-200.000 views per video on average.

Studying in America, Trinh certainly focus on US cosmetic brand. Lately, she has shifted to drugstore brand of Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

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