Who is a micro-influencer?

Micro-influencers are individuals who work or specialize in a particular field and usually share impressive social media content about their major interests. Micro-influencers have fewer followers than celebrities. However, their content seems to be more reliable because of their experience. For example, micro-influencers could be experienced housewives, programmers, and “hot” teenagers with a good number of followers. Through social media content, they could exercise their influence on different types of users like other housewives, geeky users, or a large number of teenagers…

In Vietnam, a micro-influencer usually has at least 30.000 followers with about an average of about 500 interactions for each post. Some typical Vietnamese micro-influencers are Salim (Teen beauty), Nhung Gumiho (Fashion and Beauty product), Chuột Thổ Cẩm (Music and Cuisine), Tuân Cuồng Chân (Travel) and Vinh Vật Vờ (Technology).

What are their advantages?

Despite the number of followers, there are some reasons to believe that micro-influencers could be the best solution for low-budget marketing campaigns. According to statistics, 8% of users are interested in micro-influencer content. Meanwhile, this number of it celebrities is only about 1.7%. It can be shown that users tend to follow the introductions of micro-influencers partly because of their active interaction. For example, typical user questions like “Where can I can this product?” or “What is its price?” could easily and trustfully be answered by micro-influencers. This is a big difference when compared to posts on celebrities’ fan pages.

The seriousness in work, time, attitude, and especially the lower cost is also the strong points of micro-influencers. With a low budget, small brands are completely able to carry out a big marketing campaign with the participation of many micro-influencers. This is the reason why many small and even big enterprises are looking for micro-influencers as their main factors to expand reach and impact marketing campaigns.

Moreover, another big advance of micro-influencers is that they have more targeted follower bases than celebrities. A huge successful example is the marketing campaign of Baskin-Robbins, a famous ice cream brand. 50 favorable teenage boys and girls in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City participated in the campaign built for Father’s Day (19/6/2016). The attraction of these micro-influencers brought success with the active reactions of many Vietnamese young people, the main targeted audience of the brand. After only some days, the campaign was reported to receive more than 100.000 interactions.

Successful micro-influencers campaigns in Vietnam

Recently, Love’In Farm (LIF), a milk brand had a successful campaign named “Hội chứng 3h chiều” (3 pm syndrome). About 30 micro-influencers took part in the 5-day campaign (24 – 28/06/2016). The campaign was reported to receive more than 25.000 engagements only on the fan page of the brand. Moreover, the campaign also made “Hội chứng 3h chiều” become popular with the idea: at 3 pm, when you become tired, let’s drink LIF.

With newer and smaller enterprises, micro-influencers brought even more success. The Coffee House, a coffee brand had applied a new marketing way on “Taste This Love – Trao ly that lời yêu thương”, a successful campaign on March 2016. This campaign is aimed to promote two new products: Raspberry Macchiato and Black Tea Macchiato. 50.000 engagements after only 2 weeks was a big success besides two “hot trend” hashtags: #thecoffeehouse and #tastethislove. The result of these two best-sellers drinks after only 2 weeks was a worthy reward for the new coffee brand.

As we can see, influencer marketing using micro-influencers is a clever and easy to successful strategy. With low cost, more and more enterprises are paying their attention to this “cheap but effective” marketing strategy. This is also a perfect chance for careful enterprises which do not want to take a big risk with influencer marketing to try a new marketing strategy.

To sum up, influencer marketing using micro-influencers is quite new to marketers in Vietnam. However, you won’t imagine and enjoy the real success of this strategy if you don’t try it.

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