As TikTok is gradually tightening its regulations and implementing new laws, how can your TikTok channel still ensure effectiveness? SKYPERRY has three tips for you!

  1. Limit promotional content with product links
  2. Limit unappealing product advertising
  3. Post multiple videos with one product on TikTok Shop
Limit promotional content with product links

When TikTok Shop appeared, content creators or sellers, including KOCs, were given the opportunity to earn money from their content. Entertainment content gradually decreased and was replaced by more promotional content. At the same time, businesses are pushing to advertise their products on the platform to increase revenue. This inadvertently affects the user experience and makes users more cautious when watching videos on TikTok. 

Therefore, TikTok encourages creators to balance the content on the short video platform. Sellers or KOCs should limit videos with product ads linked to TikTok Shop. If creators continue to create such content, TikTok will see it as an attempt to sell products without providing useful or valuable content to users. 

2. Limit unappealing product advertising 

TikTok Shop emphasizes impressive product advertisements for viewers in the first 5 seconds of the video. When the user retention rate for a video is about 10 seconds, including fast-forwarding and the first few seconds, the video will be “bite-sized” on TikTok. 

For example, if you have a product like dandruff shampoo, you can start the video with content like “Out of 10 people, 8 have dandruff, but can’t cure it no matter what.” Then you can present the user’s problem, and finally, the seller or KOC can present the product in a way that guides the user to solve the problem. 

Note that TikTok will evaluate based on the first 1000 viewers. If the retention rate is above 20% for every 10 views, it will trend, and if it is above 15%, it will trend slowly. 

3. Post multiple videos with one product on TikTok Shop 

Post multiple videos with one product on TikTok Shop

TikTok focuses on optimizing user experience. If your channel only posts content for sales purposes, it will make viewers feel a bad experience and quickly move on. In addition, TikTok will also limit the reach of content that repeats itself to advertise a product on a channel without any other useful content. 

Therefore, Sellers/KOCs need to have a plan to allocate suitable video content. Sellers can post according to a ratio of 4 entertainment/useful clips mixed with 2 clips featuring TikTok Shop products. Optimizing appropriate product advertising content will help your TikTok channel grow steadily while expanding opportunities on TikTok Shop. 

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