1. What is not affected by the pandemic
  2. The number of babies born in the next 9 months will decrease
  3. Children’s ability to learn online is increasing
  4. Children limit outdoor activities

1. Things that are not changed by the pandemic

The number of mothers of childbearing age in Vietnam is continuously increasing and will peak in 2027. In 2019, Vietnam had 1.5 million babies born. Investing in children moves from learning and entertainment to health, hygiene & family interactions. The types of sterilizers for babies increased sales many times. The domestic diaper market is always rich and large and continues to be stable when other industries struggle. 

Childcare support machines have doubled in revenue

2.  The number of babies born in the next 9 months will decrease

Couples don’t dare to get pregnant at the moment. The reason is partly that parents’ income is affected by the epidemic season, on the other hand, parents are afraid of medical care or frequent hospital visits during the time when the epidemic will not be completely controlled.

Therefore, it is expected that the number of babies born in 2020 & 2021 will decrease. The diaper industry, especially the groups of products and services directly related to childbirth, need the plan to prepare for this.

3.  Children’s ability to learn online increases

What happens when your child gets used to online learning?

This is a very likely possibility because, after 3-4 months of homeschooling, the behavior and thoughts of both parents and children have changed.

Schools & educational institutions are not simply restoring offline teaching as before. On the contrary, schools need to build an ecosystem for online learning. Lectures need to be completely digitized so that children who are sick at home or traveling with their parents can follow them, and the classroom becomes a place for children to interact, exchange, and practice what they have learned instead of just teaching. simply imparting knowledge.

There is a forum for children to discuss lessons or submit assignments. Whether the child submits homework or not has not been reported to the application on the parent’s phone. Along with learning results, the development of children’s knowledge and skills is also monitored, which is updated weekly for parents.

Parents can know the profile of each subject teacher and the teacher can also regularly communicate with parents about the child’s performance in the classroom. Based on the results of the analysis and evaluation, the learning content will be customized in accordance with the capacity and qualities of each child.

4.  Children limit outdoor activities

The community will learn to live with Covid-19 for a long time until vaccines and specific drugs are invented, manufactured, and distributed globally. That means that life will not return to the way it was before the quarantine ends, online activities will continue to be popular and offline activities will take a long time to recover.

Before, parents and children woke up and rushed to the street, the street, community life was rich and the mind for the house was only relative. Now, even after going back to school, the life activities of parents and children still take place at home more. 

All of the businesses that serve this category are geared toward the home rather than the street or the school. Food & food for mom & baby delivered to your home means that e-commerce activity must be promoted for the store to have a good position on a food ordering app or an effective e-commerce sales strategy. 

Children rarely go out, so the demand for fashion and clothes will decrease, but light, cool, antibacterial clothes for children will be appreciated. All business activities must be directed towards the house, making family life in that house more convenient and comfortable.

Not as flashy as other industries, but advertising for mothers with milk diapers is an interesting field the more you do it. A steadily growing industry with a marketing playing field for all brands big and small. It’s not a big campaign but a continuous effort every day to fill the channel to reach young mothers.

When all are going through the same epidemic, why must you stay alive when you can completely catch the new wave?

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