Booming strongly from 2020-2022, short videos are predicted to continue dominating content types in marketing and advertising activities for businesses this year. In addition, implementing short videos across multiple channels with efficiency and cost optimization is also a factor that small and medium-sized businesses should pay attention to. 

Your customers are on every platform! 

As soon as TikTok became a craze with the number of subscribers increasing exponentially, Facebook immediately released Short Videos, while Instagram added Reels and Youtube also added Shorts. KOL and Influencer faces quickly filled their personal accounts on short video platforms while earning impressive follow numbers. All of this shows that these short video platforms are the “treasure trove” that businesses need to quickly access because their customers are constantly scrolling and touching these videos, not anywhere else. 

Your customers are on every platform

Although having different characteristics, the majority of current users – especially Gen Z – love video content. The shorter and more interesting the video is, the more they will pay attention and interact. 84% of users said they have purchased a product after watching a brand’s short video. Therefore, building short video content on multiple platforms will help businesses easily access diverse and potential customer groups. This trend also helps businesses save costs compared to implementing separate activities for each platform. 

In addition, with the unique strengths of each platform, businesses can optimize their short video groups for different objectives. For example, TikTok, with its large user base ranging from 16 to 40, can help businesses optimize activities related to brand awareness or launching new products. Meanwhile, YouTube Shorts, with the ability to add links to the video description, can make it easy for users to click directly to the website or product link. With Facebook’s demographic and user interest data system, short videos on this platform will help businesses reach their target audience more easily and accurately. 

Furthermore, appearing in a variety of platforms at the same time also helps brands deeply engrave their image in the minds of consumers, allowing customers to always see, remember, and purchase their products on any platform and at any time, thereby optimizing both revenue and brand strength. 

To optimize the effectiveness of multi-channel short video campaigns, businesses should keep in mind the following points: 

1. Optimize instead of repeating content 

Optimize instead of repeating content

Deploying multi-channel videos does not mean that a business only needs to use one video and post it on multiple platforms. This can make users feel uncomfortable having to watch repetitive content. SKYEPRRY, with experience in producing short videos and the ability to develop an overall marketing strategy, can provide you with the most effective and efficient solutions tailored to each objective. Contact email: or hotline: 088 605 6868 for direct consultation. 

2. Pay attention to platform characteristics 

Each short video platform will have its own unique features, advantages, and tools. Therefore, to optimize efficiency, businesses need to exploit and ensure that their videos are always optimized and suitable for each platform. This helps increase the user experience and optimize the viewing and conversion rates of consumers when accessing this content. 

3. Optimize entertainment and shopping experiences 

Nowadays, consumers tend to combine entertainment and shopping at the same time. That is why businesses need to pay attention to optimizing the experience, to attract customers and make it easy for them to shop, without interrupting their experience. 

4. Diversity yet consistency

Despite implementing multi-channel campaigns, businesses still need to ensure the consistency of basic brand identity factors. This not only ensures consistency in the brand image in the eyes of users, but also enhances customers’ ability to remember and appreciate the brand in the context of them being immersed in the marketing and advertising campaigns of hundreds of other brands and products every day. 

In conclusion, multi-channel short videos, with all their existing potential and advantages, promise to be one of the leading tools for small and medium-sized businesses to reach and expand their potential customers, thereby optimizing market share and revenue effectively.