Case study Bopbi House: “Trust kneading, peaceful kneading” in the middle of Saigon

With the desire to create a special destination, where office workers can “make terracotta become art” and relax in peaceful moments. What did Bopbi House do in the journey of creating and positioning the brand with the support of SKYPERRY? 

Sep 2022
Bopbi House


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Project background

Although it is a unique handmade pottery place in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, but Bopbi House is having difficulty with competing with rival brands and attracting customers to join its workshop sessions. Meanwhile, the demand for pottery-making experiences has increased and is interesting to many people. 

Therefore, Bopbi House decided to come to SKYPERRY with the desire to increase brand coverage and positioning. With multi-field experience and effective digital marketing solutions, SKYPERRY will help Bopbi House position its brand, increase its ability to attract potential customers, and optimize advertising budgets to increase customer engagement. workshop sessions. 

Project objectives

Increase brand awareness and brand love with digital marketing solutions to optimize advertising budgets and attract potential customers: 

  • Increase brand coverage on 2 main media channels: Fanpage & TikTok. 
  • Producing and communicating positive content, bringing practical value to customers with the unique key message “Bopbi House – Kneading tension, molding peace”. 

TA & Insight

In this campaign, SKYPERRY and Bopbi House target 25-45 years old customers, living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. They are people who are always busy with work. They shoulder heavy expectations from family, friends, and themselves. They spend all their time and efforts to achieve great goals but forget the longings hidden deep in their hearts, the quiet moments to find peace and happiness within themselves. 

Creative idea “Kneading tension, kneading peace”

The key message “Kneading stress, molding peace” is the key message that SKYPERRY helps Bopbi House send to customers who are racing against time out there. It is an invitation that comes from understanding things. always hide from the target customer group to experience handmade pottery and implement their creative ideas. 

Thereby cleverly expressing the message to help guests who come to Bopbi House to have peace and healing in their souls. Here, everyone will be relaxed and relaxed in a friendly, close, and classic space. But still reflects the modernity and creativity of youth. 

During the implementation of the campaign, the message will always be reinforced and spread to focus on “deepening” the message in the target audience’s mind. As follows: 

  • About Fanpage content: Optimize media ads for promotional content. Use data analysis tools to evaluate the effectiveness of communication campaigns and fine-tune the brand’s communication strategy. 
  • About TikTok content: Combining “booking kols” and “video production” as a short video. Content orientation for TikTokers with diverse and interesting content to attract customers. Includes videos, images, articles, and more. To drive traffic/lead registration to Bopbi House’s stores and workshops. 

Project results

After only 2 months of project implementation, SKYPERRY has helped Bopbi House lthu achieve a series of impressive results: 

In terms of brand 

  • Clear and consistent content helps Bopbi House successfully position its brand with high coverage. 
  • The key message “Bopbi House – kneading stress, kneading peace” was spread widely on both platforms: Facebook and Tiktok. 
  • Create a solid momentum for the next communication activities of the brand. 

On Brand Fanpage 

  • Optimizing advertising costs from 95,000 VND / 1 message to 33,000 VND / 1 message. 
  • Effective advertising: 739 messages, 186 comments, 779 post saves, 1,402,228 impressions, 294,327 engagements 
  • Content wins insights, and unique messages attract the right potential customers interested and participating in the workshop. 

On TikTok platform 

  • Content on TikTok creates interaction, discussion, sharing, mentioning the Bopbi House brand during the campaign with 42,943 likes and 8000 post saves. 
  • Covering the Bopbi House brand on the TikTok market with a total of 881,000 views and 375 comments. 

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