Case study Strade Asia: Initializing positioning for import-export businesses

STRADE ASIA is a company operating in the field of e-commerce and importing and exporting electronic components in Vietnam market and other countries in Asia. After 6 years of operation, STRADE ASIA still has no clear brand positioning. 

Oct 2022
Strade Asia


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Project background

With the continuous development of the market and the fierce competition of competitors in the same industry, STRADE ASIA realizes that brand positioning and building a business reputation is extremely important to continue to develop. market development and expansion. 

Project objectives

Within 3 months, created and positioned the brand STRADE ASIA as a professional supplier of electronic components for partners in countries in Asia. 

Challenges STRADE ASIA is facing

  • The brand has not clearly defined its positioning and core values compared to competitors in the same market segment 
  • The only communication channel is the Website, but it is not optimized, not Indexed on Google 
  • The brand has no social media activity 
  • Limited budget and urgent implementation time 
  • Reaching customers according to the multinational business model is a big challenge 

Solution of SKYPERRY

  • Build brand positioning: Perform competitor analysis and position the special values that STRADE ASIA brings to customers. 
  • Google index website: Optimize your website to be better indexed by Google. Improve SEO content, keywords, and structure. 
  • Set up + manage channel (Matchlink, LinkedIn): Create and manage social media channels to increase potential customer reach. 
  • Strategize + produce SEO content on multiple channels: Develop a plan and implement an SEO content strategy to bring STRADE ASIA’s brand and products to potential customers on many different channels, including website, social network, blog, etc. 
  • Seeding (Group/Forum): Join online groups and forums related to STRADE ASIA’s business to introduce the company’s brand and products. 

Project results

After 3 months, SKYPERRY has helped STRADE ASIA achieve a series of results: 

  • Build a standardized brand identity on 3 communication channels: Website, Matchlink, and LinkedIn including Logo, message, font, mood & tone… 
    • Indexed 100% of the brand STRADE ASIA on Google within 3 months: 
    • Brand website reached the Top 1 position in Google when searching for the keyword “Strade Asia” 
    • Brand images appear on Google Image and Google Search when searching for the keyword “Strade Asia, Strade Matchlink” 
  • PR articles and seeding on foreign groups help create a positive brand identity: 
    • Attract 1500 website visitors 
    • Has 197 followers on professional social channels (LinkedIn and MatchLink) 
    • Get 20 backlinks 
    • Website traffic increased by 60% compared to the beginning of the campaign 
    • In the first month of launching the campaign, 3 potential leads were obtained for customers. 

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