Brand Story From Acecook

Since its inception in 1995, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company has been developing dramatically and becomes a leading food manufacturer in Vietnam. Acecook Vietnam, attained a strong position in the market while providing instant processed products with high quality



  • Organic views


  • Livestream

The Challenge

Acecook is the most selected instant noodle manufacturer in Vietnam. The brand is going to launch a summer promotion in which winners will be selected by a lucky draw. However, there is a concern about the transparency of the lucky draw among consumers. For the clarity of promotion, the brand aims to livestream all the lucky draw sessions on Facebook and through that create a cross-media channel for the promotion from MT channel to TV and social media.

The Execution

  • Recruiting MC from credible TV programs for the livestream.
  • Producing 12 livestream series with content oriented around daily life to facilitate easy access and create friendliness between brands and potential customers.
  • Organizing mini-game on the live streaming

The Results

The campaign has reached 50,000 organic views for all livestreams. The number of organic viewers is 8 times higher than in previous sessions. Also, no negative comments during the livestreams.


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