Commerce Development Research Institute of Taiwan – Mommy and Baby Products

Overall information about brand

Mar 2021
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  • Organic comments
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase sales


  • influencer marketing
  • KOL booking
  • Event marketing

The Challenge

Mom-and-baby products from Taiwan are quality and reasonably priced but little they are known for that in Vietnam. At the same time, there was also a large number of counterfeit and unknown origin products.

The Execution

Organized a series of 2 events Wonder Moms – Happy Kids to help mothers directly experience genuine Taiwanese products. Using Hotmom to honestly share events and products on social networks to help spread the word. In addition, we also use the press information channel to publish the event and increase the prestige of genuine Taiwanese products.

The Results

Received nearly 200 signups after 2 months in the two exhibitions. Reached 200 000 people and received 70 000 interactions.


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