Case Study Eucerin: Optimize advertising effectiveness with Video Adaptation

Eucerin is a leading cosmetic pharmaceutical brand in Europe, looking to boost brand awareness and increase purchase rates for their latest product – Eucerin Sun Dry Touch CC Sunscreen. 

At the end of 2022, with the desire to optimize the budget and advertising efficiency, Eucerin collaborated with SKYPERRY to create an adaption video for the product. Not only reducing the budget, the video also helped increase the click-through-rate rate up to 70% compared to the previous campaign. 

Oct 2022


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  • Video Adaptation

Project Background

Drive awareness and increase purchases for a new product – Eucerin Sun Dry Touch CC Sunscreen. 

Project objectives

Edit footage of the brand’s Eucerin Sun Dry Touch CC products into YouTube short videos to increase awareness and drive purchase behavior. 

Project Challenge

  • The footage content is not really diverse 
  • Footage quality is not optimal, especially when making video adaptations for the purpose of increasing awareness and promoting shopping on the Youtube channel. 

Solution of SKYPERRY

  • Use the key message “Eucerin – Europe’s No. 1 best-selling brand. The power to change skin & life” to create an identity with customers. 
  • Optimize old footage by adding creative elements like graphics, voice off and creating short 30-second videos that match the campaign’s key message. This helps to attract customers and increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. 
  • Incorporate call-to-action into short videos to encourage customers to take action, such as clicking to learn more about Eucerin Sun Dry Touch CC products, enhancing product appeal and recognition.  
  • Booking TikToker to create short product review videos, introduce customers to the product features and benefits, and increase the credibility and reputation of the Eucerin brand. These videos can be shared on other social media channels to increase popularity and introduce products to more customers.

Project results

  • In just 2 months, the video adaption gave Eucerin a series of results: 
  • Video air on Eucerin Vietnam’s official TikTok channel brought in 1.9M views and 6000 engagement 
  • From the limited amount of footage, SKYPERRY still optimizes the video adaptations to ensure quality and effective display on Youtube 
  • Short videos that are both quality and achieve the goal: Increase awareness and push sales. 
  • Optimizing the timeline to exceed customer expectations. 

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