Brand Story From Similac

Similac has become a familiar brand to Vietnamese moms when it comes to sharing their concerns about catering to their babies. Scientists at Abbott have never stopped making every effort to come up with better formulas for Similac milk. The purpose is to adapt better to the needs of nutrition solutions for babies all over the world, including Vietnam.




The Challenge

Infant Milk brands have always focused on communicating benefits of a good health, eating and sleeping well. This leads to an intense yet conventional competition among big firms in this term of product benefit. Hence, Similac needed a new point of differentiation for a branding/communication campaign.

Ideas & Solutions

Strategically directing attractive content and using the popularity of KOLs as well as Hotmom helps spread the message by sharing honest stories about the moments when children take actions that surprise their parents on social networks. At the same time, educate users on the age of brain development as well as the necessary nutrients to help stimulate the child’s brain development.

The Result

The campaign has reached over 4 million people, positive comments for 100% and organic comments for 85% of all the interacting comments. The landing page traffic increated by 350%. The revenue increased by 40% (Similac report).


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