Brand Story From Unimom

Unimom is a Korean brand, which provides hospitals with double breast pumps, manual breast pumps, milk storage bags as well as milk storage bottles.

Any mom with a newly born baby can confidently find their essentials at Unimom.



The Challenge

Unimom has entered the Vietnam market for a long time and gained good brand awareness from Vietnamese. Meanwhile, other Chinese brands also entered the market with lots of  products of low pricing and and low quality, which affected Unimom market share.

Ideas & Solutions

Renew branded image, diversify users by building product review content on youtube channel as well as producing child care content for the brand’s fanpage..

The Results

With the strategy of developing  Youtube channel and using KOLs, it has brought the brand a fairly high reach of more than 400,000 on Fanpage. The content of KOLs introducing the product received more than 90% positive comments. In addition, the YouTube channel has nearly 150,000 natural views, the average view rate is 57.71%. Conversion rate has been increased by more than 50% and sales have increased by 115% compared to the original


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