Micro-influencer – Solution for budget campaigns

Who is a micro-influencer? Micro-influencers are individuals who work or specialize in a particular field and usually share impressive social media content about their major interests. Micro-influencers have fewer followers than celebrities. However, their content seems to be more reliable because of their experience. For example, micro-influencers could be experienced housewives, programmers, and “hot” teenagers […]
Oct 17 2017

2017 influencer marketing trends in Vietnam

2017 influencer marketing trends have witnessed several changes in the past 8 months. In the wave of investment in Vietnam, numerous brands, especially entire new brands, are interested in doing influencer marketing campaigns in Vietnam. Recently, Beauty Hanbook of Korea had an interview with Skyperry about Influencer Marketing Trends in Vietnam which will help brands […]
Aug 01 2017
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