TikTok Shoppertainment: When content and commerce combine

TikTok Shoppertainment is a phrase that is gradually getting more popular in the advertising market. The phrase speaks for the combination of content creation and commerce. Let’s find out the values and benefits when content and commerce combine in the following article.  What is Shoppertainment? Shoppertainment is a combination of two words, including Shopping and […]
Dec 27 2022

YouTube Shorts – An effective short video creation tool for advertising

YouTube Shorts is regarded as a useful tool for creating short videos. It is also an effective communication platform for marketing. With the rise of digital media platforms, businesses can create content for promoting their brands. Besides, they can execute media for YouTube Shorts to advertise images as well as touch a large number of […]
Dec 26 2022
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    How ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Help To Forecast The Future Of Marketing 

    AI and ChatGPT are speculated to make changes to the way businesses reach their customers. About ChatGPT, it can analyze data as well as make accurate speculations. Meanwhile, AI is capable of contributing to the optimization of manufacturing processes, which is quite cost-saving and strongly improves marketing operations.  Is it possible for AI and ChatGPT […]
    Dec 15 2022

    TikTok advertising - How to effectively execute?

    According to Kanter, the creative potential coming from a wide variety of users makes it easier for videos on TikTok to be received even if it contains promotional messages. So while only 14% of TikTok users click on a link after seeing an ad, the number of people buying an item after seeing an ad […]
    Apr 06 2022

    Why Korean-beauty product is favored in Vietnam?

    Korean-beauty product is long known for taking over the Vietnamese beauty market. With more than 97 million people, half of it is from 15 – 50 years old and average income per person is increasing day by day, it’s easy to understand that Vietnamese’s necessity for “look great” is expanding. Keeping warm and well fed […]
    Dec 15 2020
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